Backup vos3000 data

1. CDR data

CDR data maybe very large, about 73G/year/1000cc

It will cots a lot of time to backup VOS3000 data

There are twos methods:

1) Need stop mbx3000d,vos3000d,mysql services at first

/bin/tar -jcvf /home/kunshi/vos3000/databackup/database20140721111630.tar.bz2 e_cdr_* /var/lib/mysql/vos3000/

2) Use mysqldump command

The cdr name all begin with “e_cdr_”, then backup the cdr data

Other data(beside CDR data)

1) Just like back cdr, need stop vos3000 service

/bin/tar -jcvf /home/kunshi/vos3000/databackup/database20140821111630.tar.bz2 –exclude *cdr* /var/lib/mysql/vos3000/

2) Use mysqldump command

Backup the data besides CDR

mysqldump vos3000 table_name >> config_data.sql

You need generate a loop to backup every table

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