Black/White list group

This function is used to define list group.

This setting will be used in caller/callee black/white list group of routing gateway, mapping gateway and phone.

How to apply Black/White list group

Step1: Create Black/White list group

In number management, click “Black/White list group” to create list group. For example, here create two groups “allowed caller” and “prohibited caller ”

double click “Black/White list group “,to add phone numbers you want.

Step2: routing/mapping gateway/phone management setting

For mapping gateway, double click Callee black/white list group, select allow or forbidden.

click the right little button of the blank, add and select the “Black/White list group” you have set in number management

if you set forbidden “prohibited caller” meaning this gateway will forbid caller numbers”187111111111,136222222222” to make call.


If the number you want to limit is standard E164 number , you can set number in Black/white list group directly. But if number is not standard with non E164 prefix like number 6677187111111111, 778813222222222, you can set prefix in ‹operation management ›—- ‹softswitch management ›—- ‹system parameter ›

Then add number 187111111111, 13222222222 directly in Black/white list group. System will match numbers with ignoring non-standard prefix.

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