Call Center Business

Call Center—VOS 3000 —Gateway device, VOS3000 finish route control and billing. This solution let customers and enterprises fast interconnect, provide stable support for call center business.

APP Callback Business

Customers can develop the third party application according to our VOS3000 Web Interface Manual to realize “Click to Call” Business on APP.

APP Callback Business process: APP send request to APP server, APP server handle the request and send it(http format) to the VOS3000, VOS3000 Callback module service will make two calls: one is call caller, the other is call caller, then VOS3000 will connect these two calls, caller and callee can start to talk.

Virtual Number Business

The third party system can create Virtual Number order on VOS5000 through Web Interface. The Virtual Number order including a three element relation group: caller number—callee number—virtual number. Customer call virtual number, connect callee and caller ID is virtual number. When call is hanged up, Virtual Number order will be released, means three element relation group will be released too. This feature can let operator distribute virtual number resources flexibly.

Nowadays, more and more people pay attention to privacy, Virtual Number Business is widely used in express, take-out food, medical profession to protect customers’ privacy, which make your business safe.

Intelligent watch for children

Intelligent watch send request to VOS3000 server, VOS3000 server will connect intelligent watch through PSTN network, VOS3000 server can play specific audio according to operator’s order.

At intelligent watch side, it is easy to operate, just say the order link “I want to hear the story of snow white”, intelligent watch side will play the story. And this business can develop many other features: inquiry weather, seowhy, word puzzles etc.

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