Dynamic black list

‹operation management›—‹softswitch management›—‹system parameter›, to find related parameters.

Example of application scenario

Suppose callee number is called reaching 6 times in 10 minute, you want vos system to judge this number as malicious callee. How to do the settings?

Set as below:



According to this setting, if callee number is dialed 6 times in 10 minutes, vos will judge the callee as malicious callee, and number will be added to the dynamic black list.


When number is added to dynamic black list after the last call, system will free this number from dynamic black list after 3600s

Dynamic black list query

‹number management›—-‹dynamic black list›, to query black number

Dynamic blacklist run mode

SS_BLACK_LIST_DYNAMIC_RUN_MODE(Dynamic blacklist run mode)

Global: monitor all the number

Standalone: monitor number of certain gateway

If just need to monitor number of certain gateway, do settings as below

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