How do I specify a docking gateway to go to a landing gateway?

The vos3000 can directly specify the landing or prohibition of landing by the name of the landing gateway in the docking gateway.

Vos2009 can walk through the gateway by adding a fixed prefix

For example, caller1 docking fills in the called rewriting rules *:a*

Caller2 docking fills in the called rewriting rules *:b*

The a and b prefixes correspond to the two landing gateways callee1 and callee2 respectively.

Then fill in the a and a, b respectively on the gateway prefixes of the landing gateway callee1 and callee2.

The meaning is that the landing 1 only allows the called number to be prefixed with a traffic.

Landing 2 only allows the called number prefixed with a or b traffic to pass

Finally, the called rewriting rule at the landing gateway removes the called number prefix of a and b, and restores the original original called number.

If the rate of the a, b prefix does not exist in the account rate of the docking gateway, it needs to be in the system parameter.

SERVER_GATEWAY_ROUTE_PREFIX fill in a, b to ignore the matching of a, b to the charging prefix


If there are other rules for docking and landing, it should be superimposed with the rule.

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