How does VOS register with IMS?

IMS registration requires the registration information of the account provided by the IMS party.

such as

Username: +862584372919

Authentication password: 123456

Server address:

Authenticated user: 86258434919

SIP proxy:

first step:

In the business management of vos—>registration management, fill in the information as shown below.

After clicking the app, if there is an update time, it has been registered successfully.

If no success is gray, see the error reason for the feedback in the last error.

The second step:

1. Right click on the added registration information

2. Select Create Landing, force the calling number to select “Yes” for the user name.

3. Go to the “Grounding Gateway” and click the application. The customer can restrict the number of the called number from passing through the landing gateway prefix.

4. Check if the landing is normal. Go to “Online Landing” to see if the landing has been registered and whether the duration is updated. There is a duration to indicate that the landing registration is normal and the call can be transferred to the landing.

Can refer to the official website video demo, explain in detail the IMS registration related

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