How to add an Account in VOS3000

Creating ordinary account / carrier account is easy in VOS3000 Softswitch. This post is about how to create a carrier account in VOS.


How to start:
Double-click in the “Navigation” and then “Account management”. The Spreadsheet item will be appear.

Spreadsheet items:
Account number: The unique identification of the account. This number must be unique and cannot be modified once the account is created.

Account name: The name of the account (such as the full name of the user or you decide).

Balance: The current balance of the carrier account, balance can be added clicking on the right button.

Maximum credit: The maximum allowed credit of the account (Over Draft limit).

Billing Rate: The rate policy rate group the account belongs to.
Daily consumption: The consumption of the carrier account today.
Number of gateways: Non-editable. The number of gateway’s for this account. Double-click to enter the gateway management page for this account.

Number of phones: Non-editable. The number of phone’s in this account. Double-click to enter the phone numbers management page for this account.

Number of cards in use: Non-editable. It shows the number of phones bound to this account.

Number of packages: Non-editable. It shows the number of packages purchased by this account.

Package status: Non-editable. The number of package’s subscribed by the carrier account.

Agency / His Agent: The “Account number” of its parent account. The parent account must exist. Upon designation, the parent account will become the “Agent” type.

User information: Information about the user. You can change by click on the “Edit”.

Account type: Define the type of account, “Account” or “Agent”. Non-editable when an account has sub-accounts, it automatically becomes an agent.

Balance type: Options include “ordinary account”, “card account” and “balance account”.

Memo: Make your own Comments about the account.

Account status: Select “Normal” or “Locked”.

Expiration date: The expiration date of the account.


Date of creation: Non-editable. The date is when the account is created.

Other operations:

  • Double-click the number at “Number of gateways” to enter the “Gateway management” page for the account.
  • Double-click the number at “Number of phones” to enter the “Phone number management” page.
  • Double-click the number at “Number of cards in use” to enter the “Card management” page.
  • Double-click the number at “Number of packages” to manage the packages subscribed by the account.
  • Double-click the number at “Package status” to edit the current package of the account.

Right-click menu:
Disable account: Disable the account and all its sub accounts. Phone numbers belonging to these accounts will not be able to make phone calls.

Enable account: Enable the disabled account.

(If an account is deleted, phone numbers belonging to that account will belong to no account).

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