How to automatically add 0 to the mobile phone number in the field, not added locally

The first step: vos platform, number management —- mobile phone area, import mobile phone area code table (this table can be provided by our company, but the accuracy needs you to consider)

The second step: in the supplementary settings editing of the landing gateway, click on the domestic business, open the mobile phone area code to automatically add, and fill in 25

The meaning of this setting is to add the 25 prefix to the called number when identifying the 25-zone corresponding mobile phone prefix.

In this way, the foreign mobile phone is still the beginning of the original 13 14 , the local mobile phone number has become 2513 2514 and so on.

Step 3: In the supplementary settings edit of the landing gateway, click the docking prefix to modify the landing call rewriting rules, because the processing logic of the landing gateway is to first add the mobile phone area code, and then rewrite the rules.

Rewriting the mobile phone number in the field by the called number becomes the beginning of 013 014.

The local mobile number changes back to the original number 13 14 at the beginning, etc.


If the called number sent to the vos platform has another special prefix in front of the standard 11-digit mobile phone, for example, the called number is 88189xxxxxxxx or lgy156xxxxxxxx, then the following settings are required: Service Management->Softswitch Management-> System parameter -> non-standard E164 prefix, comma interval multiple prefix

Then in the supplementary settings edit of the landing gateway, click the landing prefix, modify the landing call called rewriting rules as shown below

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