How to change Timezone in VOS3000 after VOS3000 installation

Some tome you want to change Timezone in VOS3000 after VOS3000 installation For Example I want to change my Time zone to Asia/Shanghai

easy way to change time zone on centos  run the system command 

# system-config-date

and select your timezone


click OK   and reboot the server.

if  system-config-date  command is not working then install this tool 

# yum install system-config-date

manual way to do this is follow the below steps.

Reinstall Timezone database

# yum -y reinstall tzdata

Install NTP Client to accurate time according to time zone

# yum -y install ntp # chkconfig ntpd on # service ntpd restart Remove localtime current file

# rm -f /etc/localtime

Link Timezone file with /etc/localtime you can find your timezone file in /usr/share/zoneinfo/

# ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo/Asia/Shanghai /etc/localtime

Run tzselect command and select your timezone and note your timezone

for example Asia/Shanghai

# tzselect

Edit /etc/sysconfig/clock file and change with your Timezone

# nano /etc/sysconfig/clock




Reboot the server Wait for few minutes check your time has synchronized with NTP server it will show slimier to below

# ntpstat

synchronized to NTP server ( at stratum 2 time correct to within 31 ms polling server every 64 s

check time and timezone

# date

check your hardware clock

# hwclock

Important TIP Editing Timezone on /etc/sysconfig/clock is very important If you will not update this file VOS3000 client will not show your timezone changes in VOS3000 client.  

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