How to change voice files for IVR system

Step 1: Enter the VOS system, click Voice Management -> Voice Service, filter out the existing voice service, and select the service you need to replace the voice file.

For example, there are two voice services in the system, namely “callback service” and “direct dial service”. It is now necessary to replace the voice file of the “callback service”.

Step 2: Enter the VOS system and click Voice Management -> Voice File to enter the voice file interface. As shown in the figure above, the language directory of the “callback service” is named “english”. You can select “english” in the language directory on the left side of the interface and tick it. Click the filter button. At this time, all the voice files in the language directory “english” can be seen. .

Step 3: Back up the original voice file, the customer can decide whether to back up the original voice file according to their actual needs. If you need to back up, first select all the voice files you need to back up and click the Export button (if none of them are selected, select All), select the directory to be saved, and click “Save”.

Step 4: Replace the original voice file and import a new voice file. Click Import, select the new voice file, click “Open” to see the new voice file, click the application and the new voice file will start uploading to the system. At this point, the update of the voice file is completed.

Pay attention to the following two points:

First, the name of each item in the voice file prepared by the customer needs to be consistent with each name in the original voice file, because the process is called by the name of each voice.

Second, the voice files prepared by the customer must be recorded in WAV format, 8KHZ, 16-bit mono standard.

Third, the exported format is that all files include txt format and wav format. The txt format can display all the information of the voice file. The wav format can only display the voice file. The import can be selected to be imported in txt format or wav format.

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