How to create Agent Account in VOS3000

An Agent account is different from an ordinary account, in that there are accounts belonging to agent accounts. Once an account becomes an agent account, it will occur in the navigation tree. Double-click the agent account in the navigation tree to open the “sub account management”.

(Use the filter “Direct affiliation” and “All accounts”, respectively, to show the directly sub accounts and all direct and indirect affiliations of the account).

Phones, gateways and PSTN numbers will be charged according the account they currently belong to. If the number being called does not match any rate, the call will be terminated. And the cause of such termination will be shown in CDR. When the account belongs to other accounts, the call will cause the agent account to be charged according to its own rate (this backtracking process ends up at accounts that belong to no other accounts). If the billing turns the account or any of its agent accounts into “disabled” status, the phones, gateways and PSTN numbers will no longer be able to make calls.


User management:
Double-click “Navigation” than “System management” than “User management”.

Spreadsheet items:
Login ID: The ID used to login.
Login Password: The login password
User name: The name of the user

Select User type:
Agent: Users that are only allow viewing the accounts, rate policies and service packages.

Authorization management:
Double-click on “Navigation” than “Account management” than Select an account than Click on ”Authorizations” in the right-click menu.


Operation details of and Agent account:

Add / Delete / Modify Account: The right to create, delete or modify accounts.
Add / Delete / Modify Phone: The right to manipulate phones belonging to the account.
Delete / Modify Phone Card: The right to manipulate phone cards belonging to the account.
Add / Delete Gateway: The right to manipulate gateways belonging to the account.
Modify Gateway Information: right to modify information about gateways except capacity.
Modify Gateway Capacity: The right to modify the number of lines.
Payment For This Account: The right to perform payment for the current account (including changing the amount of overdraft).
Payment for Sub Accounts: The right to pay for the sub accounts.

This function is usually used to facilitate agent development. An agent user can have an agent-typed account in the system. Administrators can create one or more accounts for them, limiting their rights to recharge their own account, yet granting them authorizations to add new accounts, phones and gateways, and to recharge their sub accounts. The agent can create new accounts for its sub-agents. The agent account can only manipulate its sub accounts.

Note that, accounts created by agent accounts must be designated to an agent account, and the creator must have the authorization to manipulate the designated agent account. Users logged in with an agent account can only see those accounts that authorized to the agent. This restriction applies to all account-related operations.

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