How to create an agent

1. Add agent users

Path: “System Management > User Management”

For example: add user “user”, user type is agent, as shown below:

Give user users permission, click Edit, you can use the defined agent template, you can also define it yourself. The following figure shows the use of agent template to generate permissions for user users.

2. Create an account for the agent (the account type is a normal account)

For example, the agent account name is “agent”, as shown below:

3. Assign the account “agent” to the user “user” permission

Select the account, right click and select the permission attribute, as shown below:

Add the user user in the permission, and specify the user user to operate the right for the account and the following sub-accounts, as shown below:

The above operation completes the agent creation.

4. Turn the user type of the account “agent” into an agent

Create a customer account developed by the agent, such as “Agent User”, and then fill in the account number “Agent” of the agent account under the agent account of the account “Agent User”, as shown below:

As shown above, the account type of the filtered account “agent” is automatically changed to the agent at this time.

At this point, the agent can use the user “user” and password to log in to vos using the client and manage their own users.

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