How to implement call signaling tracking on VOS system

Step 1: Open the debug trace in the system menu —> click to open the softswitch call

The default tracking duration is 600 seconds, which can be removed to indicate tracking all the time.

Once confirmed, it will open successfully.

Step 2: Right click on the historical bill or the current call on the newly established call and select Call Analysis.

The third step: you can choose to export signaling


1. The following two operations will terminate the signaling trace and need to be re-opened.

When you open the debug trace window again

Restart the server or softswitch service

2. It is not recommended to enable signaling tracking for a long time. vos records 16M size tracking data by default, and records 2048M size tracking data.

It can be adjusted in the system parameters: “Business Management” → “Soft Exchange Management” → “Additional Settings” → “Edit” → “System Parameters”

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