How to troubleshoot problems quickly and efficiently

In order to facilitate the quick and effective handling of problems by Kunshi technicians, please conduct the initial troubleshooting according to the following conditions before requesting technical support. If you still need technical support after the investigation, please provide relevant information.

1. The call cannot be connected

Please provide a screenshot of the historical bill, including the reason for the hang up, call signaling, and the direction of the call.

2. The client cannot log in.

Please confirm whether the background server ssh can log in. After logging in, check whether the client login port 1202 is listening properly. You can view it by ss -anput | grep 1202. If there is any information below, you can think that the monitoring is normal.

Then confirm the use of the hard disk, you can view it by the command df -h. If you do not see 100% of the words, you can think that the hard disk is in normal use.

There are any of the above two situations. Please contact Kunshi Technology for the corresponding problem location and recovery work.

3. Sound quality is not good

Sound quality depends mainly on the transmission network and the processing power of the device.

If the sound quality is not good when the VOS is not turned on, then the VOS is considered normal when troubleshooting the problem, because the VOS does not participate in the processing of the voice stream, so the sound quality problem is not involved.

In the case that the VOS turns on the media forwarding, the sound quality is not good, and the current call “the calling party receives the voice (receives the voice sent by the calling party to the VOS)” and the called party receives the voice (received by the called party to send the call) VOS voice)) The keyword “Lose” has a percentage value greater than 0. If there is a packet loss, the larger the value, the more serious the packet loss is. You need to verify the network, such as: 1. Is the bandwidth sufficient? Whether the interconnection is good or not, the cross-operator network may be amplified during the peak network period. 3. The number of packets transmitted per second is limited.

No packet loss is as follows

The packet loss situation is as follows

The processing capability of the device is mainly reflected in 1. Whether the other device is in overload operation, and the media processing capability is insufficient. 2. Silence suppression and noise reduction processing

All in all, the more complete you can provide information about the problems that Kunshi technicians need to locate, the faster they can handle the problem.

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