Linux hardware information query command summary

1. Motherboard information – check the serial number of the motherboard

Dmidecode | grep -i ‘serial number’

2.cpu information

Via the /proc file system

1) cat /proc/cpuinfo

By viewing boot information

2)dmesg | grep -i ‘cpu

3)dmidecode -t processor

3. Hard disk information

View partition status

Fdisk -l

View size

Df -h

View usage

Du -h

Hdparm -I /dev/sda

Dmesg | grep sda

View IDE hard drive information: sudo hdparm -i /dev/sda

View SATA hard drive information: sudo hdparm -I /dev/sda or sudo blktool /dev/sda id

4. Memory information

1) cat /proc/meminfo

2)dmesg | grep mem

3) free -m

4) vmstat #Report virtual memory statistics

5)dmidecode | grep -i mem

5. Network card information

1)dmesg | grep -i ‘eth’

2) cat /etc/sysconfig/hwconf | grep -i eth

3)lspci | grep -i ‘eth’

6. Mouse keyboard and USB information

View keyboard and mouse: cat /proc/bus/input/devices

View USB devices: cat /proc/bus/usb/devices

View interrupt requests (IRQ) for each device: cat /proc/interrupts

7. Graphics information

1)lspci |grep -i ‘VGA’

2)dmesg | grep -i ‘VGA’

8. Sound card information

1)lspci |grep -i ‘VGA’

2)dmesg | grep -i ‘VGA’

9. CPU related commands

1) View the number of physical CPUs

Cat /proc/cpuinfo |grep “physical id”|sort |uniq|wc -l

2) View the number of logical CPUs

Cat /proc/cpuinfo |grep “processor”|wc -l

3) Check that the CPU is a few cores

Cat /proc/cpuinfo |grep “cores”|uniq

4) View the CPU frequency

Cat /proc/cpuinfo |grep MHz|uniq

10. Other orders

Use the hardware detection program kuduz to detect new hardware: service kudzu start ( or restart)

Dmesg (view all hardware information detected at startup)

Lspci (display peripheral information, such as usb, network card and other information)

Cat /etc/sysconfig/hwconf


View PCI device: lspci

View USB device: lsusb -v

Check the status of the NIC: sudo ethtool eth0

View CPU information: cat /proc/cpuinfo

Display current hardware information: sudo lshw

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