Media forwarding on and off

The media forwarding status is automatic by default. vos will judge whether to enable media forwarding according to the calling and called network environment, let the media stream pass vos, or force it to be turned on or off in the gateway or phone.

Turning on media forwarding means that the current voice stream passes through the vos server, and the vos server address is taken as the media address information in the sdp;

Turning off media forwarding means that the current voice stream does not pass through the vos server, and the media address of the calling party and the called party is brought in sdp.

Turn on media forwarding to see the status of the media in the current call.

Voice traffic size and media routing status

Voice traffic is generally normal 711 coded at around 80Kbps, 729 coded at around 24Kbps


1. Enable media forwarding Media forwarding using vos in different network environments may achieve better voice quality, but will occupy the bandwidth resources of the server.

2. Turning off media forwarding can save the bandwidth of the vos server, but it may cause the call to have no sound or poor sound quality. In this case, you need to enable media forwarding.

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