Modify linux timezone & time

1. Before modify this option,should stop mbx3000,vos3000 services

The commands as follow:

/etc/init.d/mbx3000d stop

/etc/init.d/vos3000d stop

Metion:you should stop mbx3000d serval seconds then run vos3000d stop,in order to write the data into database

2. Modify the timezone:

The commands as follows:


//chose the correct timezone you need

vi /etc/sysconfig/clock

//modify the file and add the info like the tzselect chosed

Keep UTC&ARC false

rm /etc/localtime

//delete current timezone setting,should input β€œyes”

ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/Asia/Shanghai /etc/localtime

// Asia/Shanghai is an example, should be you needed zone

3. Change the time:

date -s HH:MM:SS

// like 12:00:00

4. Write time into CMOS

clock -w

5. Start mbx3000,vos3000 services

/etc/init.d/mbx3000d start

/etc/init.d/vos3000d start

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