Newsletter O Port Gateway Encryption Registration VOS Configuration Method

1. Create a new docking gateway on the VOS as shown below. The gateway ID: xunshi gateway password is: 17724

Second, enter the gateway configuration boundary

1. [Basic Configuration]->[SIP] Configuration As shown above, the registration server address is the address of VOS, the registration method is registered by the gateway, the registered user name is VOS docking gateway ID xunshi, and the registration password is VOS docking gateway password 17724. Click [Submit]

2. In [Advanced Configuration] -> [Encryption] configuration as shown above, signaling encryption check, T38 is not selected, RTP encryption is selected 1, encryption mode is selected 20, encryption key is not filled. Click [Submit] after the modification is completed. Note: If the client version does not have the encryption method option 20, please contact the technical modification of the news.

3. In the gateway configuration interface, enter http://xxxx/xml?method=gw.config.set&id482=xunshi in the address bar. Note: is the current device ip xunshi is the registered user as shown below:

In the gateway configuration interface, enter http://xxxx/xml?method=gw.config.set&id483=17724 17724 as the registration password in the address bar. As shown below:

4. [System Tools] As shown below, click [Software Restart].

3. Check whether the gateway is registered with VOS. Under the VOS online docking gateway interface, you can see that the docking gateway xunshi is online. The duration indicates the online time of the gateway. The encryption type indicates that the gateway is RC4 encrypted registration. As shown below:

Attachment: Regarding the time when the O-port gateway is landing, the method of registering to the VOS is the same as registering the docking gateway. The difference is that you need to create a new landing gateway. The other settings are the same as the registration docking gateway configuration method. As shown below:

Attachment: About the O-Port Gateway registration VOS at the same time do docking and landing Note: Only VOS2009- and above support. The configuration of the gateway is the same as that of the registered docking gateway. The difference is that a new docking gateway and a landing gateway are simultaneously created on the VOS. The gateway ID, password, and encryption key are the same. As shown below:

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