Rate template

In V2.1.6.00, vos3000 add the “rate template” function

1. Suppose you get a feerate files named “tata.xls” from your vendor, you can import “tata.xls”

Please choose the “other templates”, vos will automatically identify which template match the feerate file ,if vos cannot identify the feerate file, you should move to the vos3000 client install directory to change the template in order to identify the feerate file.

2. How to change the feerate templates

Find out the vos client install path in your WINDOWS computer, for example: my vos client install path is D:\Program Files (x86)\VOS3000eng\VOS3000

We have collected about 30 major feerate_templates in the world . You can add your own template in the file, modify modify the “feerate_template.conf” to add template_31

Begin Line:Actually, the first line in feerate files is corresponding to the Begin Line in feerate_template.conf

So you can copy the first line content into “feerate_template.conf” file directly

areaCode: please check the “Codes” in the excel file

newPrice: please check “Rate” in the excel file

effectiveDate: please check “Effective Date” in the excel file

dateFormat: please check “Effective Date” format

the common date format:







3. After edit the template, you can import the rate like step 1

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