Soft/Hardware allocation of VOS3000 server

Physical server:


CPU: Intel Xeon E5 Series(or higher, 2.1G Hz at least) x 2

Memory: 8G or higher

Harddisk: 250GB(SAS 15K/SSD)/ 2TB(SATA)

Operating system:(Minimal installation)

V2.1.7.01 recommend to use

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.0-6.9(64bit)

CentOS release 6.0-6.9(64bit)

PS: Do not use xen kernel version(eg: kernel 2.6.18-194xen)

Aliyun ECS:

Lower than 2,000 simultaneous calls: 4 cores and 4G memory

2,000 simultaneous calls and higher: 8 cores and 8G memory

Harddisk: 250GB or higher

Operating system: CentOS 6.8 64bit

Bandwidth requirement please refer to:

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