The main called black and white list

Number group:

“Number Management”—–“Number Group”, add the Create Number Group, double-click the number group, and add the list of numbers to be set.


1) If the allowed/prohibited number is a standard E164 number, for example, the numbers to be prohibited are 1365777777 and 1879111111, you can directly set the number in the number group.

2) If the allowed/prohibited number is a non-standard E164 number, such as the forbidden numbers 99881365777777 and 66771879111111, the non-standard number prefix 9988, 6677 needs to be set to the non-standard E164 prefix.

Set the path to “Business Management”—“Softswitch Management”–“System Parameters”, find the parameter SS_NON_STANDARD_PREFIX (non-standard E164 prefix comma interval multiple prefix), set as follows:

Application examples:

For example, create a number group name here as “Allowed Calling Number”

Set the gateway to allow/disable the black and white list to set the example of the docking gateway. Double-click the calling blacklist group, set the permission, click the small button on the right to add the selected number group. Here, the allowed number group “Allowed Calling Number” is set, indicating that the gateway only allows calling numbers 1365777777 and 1879111111 to make calls.

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