The specific meanings and differences of the three user types and permission templates set in the user management

1. There are 3 types of users: administrator, operator, agent.

2. The difference between the operator and the agent: the agent corresponds to the management of some accounts belonging to the agent. The operator corresponds to all accounts in the management system.

The difference between the operator and the administrator: The operator’s administrative authority must be associated with a certain permission template set, which is assigned by the administrator. The administrator has full operational privileges on the system.

3. There are 4 kinds of operator permission templates: system maintenance, financial processing, system browsing, agent template.

System maintenance: Most of the functional operations of the system can be performed, and the parts related to financial related content are restricted.

Financial processing: only operations related to financial related content

System browsing: By default, all contents of the system except the data report can be browsed, but not operable.

Reseller template: gives the operator agent authority, but corresponds to all accounts in the operational management system

4. Permission templates are just as simple as possible to simplify the management of administrator rights, but not all possibilities. The administrator has the right to grant or remove permissions to any operator.

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