VOS3000 Security

VOS3000 V2.1.4.0 is the most secured Class 5 Softswitch ever released. There are no single hacking history present in VOS3000 version till now. Here are few key security features which made this very unique, most secured and reliable softswitch in the industry:

  1. VOS3000 VoIP operation system uses specialized client  which is different from older clients. The advantages of using this client is high safety, because this client is not easy for the hacker to attack and provides safer access authentication than any older versions.
  2. VOS3000  has many other safeguard procedures. It uses high-strength encryption algorithm (RSA2048, AES256, and SHA512) to encrypt the key information during network transmission. Unique UUID authentication helps reduce the risk that the password is too simple.vos3000 client Uuid
  3. Every login attempt must match the Password and Uuid of the specific server or the source IP of unauthorized login attempt person can be blocked for specific period of time set by admin.vos3000 login failed disabled time period
  4. Detailed system operation log records every operation in system, so the mistaken operation can be recalled.vos3000 detailed log records
  5. VOS3000 version has self ability to monitor different type of security and performance by itself. In case of any issues it will notify the admin through Voice and Email Alarm.vos3000 Alarm Management
  6. This version of the VOS3000 can monitor the server network and hardware. In case of any network or hardware related issues admin will be notified.VOS3000 system monitoring