Web Interface demo

The data format is JSON string and Use POST to submit to VOS Web Service

You should comfirm your VOS3000 product contain this moudle, then you can use the interface

Before debug, you should enbale your IP in interface config file

Login your ssh root and edit the following file


VOS3000 server IP is

My local computer IP is, so I add in the allow list.

Take care the path=”/external/server” and path=”/external/test”

path=”/external/server” this is for your program to call the interface

path=”/external/test” this is for vos3000 self debug page.we provide html pages to let developer to debug this by BROWSER

In html debug mode, you should also enable the local IP in the path=”/external/server”

If your computer in LAN, your vos3000 server is in the public, you should know your local public IP, then enable your public IP in the /home/kunshiweb/base/apache-tomcat-7.0.23/conf/Catalina/localhost/external.xml


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