How to catch the call-flow in vos softswitch

Step 1:Open the “System” > “Debug trace” > Click to open the ‘Softswitch-call’:

Trace length defaults is 600 seconds and can be modified as needed.

PS: Generally we don’t suggest that enable “Debug trace” all the time, it may influence VOS performance.

Click “OK” to operate successfully.

Step 2: Open the “Data query” > “Cdr”

Click the Filter. You can check the new calls signaling trace after enabling “Debug trace”. Select the cdr which you want to check the call-flow and right click it, then select ‘Call analysis’ to open call-flow.

Attention matters:

1.Restart the server or Softswitch service may terminate the call-tracking and need to be reset Debug trace.

2.VOS default record up to 16M of the trace data and it can be adjusted in system parameter.

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