Information requested for technical support

In order to facilitate Linknat technical staff to deal with problems quickly and effectively, please check as follows firstly by yourself,then contact Linknat technology

1.calls cannot go through

please provide the call log capture,call trace and the call flow

2.cannot login the VOS client

firstly please confirm the ssh whether can login,check the port 1202 Listen status,the command is “ss -anput | grep 1202”

secondly please confirm the HD usage,the command is “df -h”,if you donot see the “100%” words,you can think the HD usage is normal

There is one of these two conditions, please contact Linknat technology

3.badly voice

voice quality is depends on the transmission network and device processing

if VOS not enable the media proxy,vos no effect to the voice quality.

if VOS enable the media proxy,but the voice not good,need check the “current call”,VOS provide the packages loss rate function

“caller rx audio” is VOS receive the caller side audio stream

“callee rx audio” is VOS receive the callee side audio stream

the normal capture as follow,Loss is 0.00%

the unusual capture as follow,Loss value is more than 0.00%

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